Key information

The Programme consists information and promotion activities relating to fresh, chilled and frozen pork and processed pork products.
The three-year programme conducted in the years 2015 – 2018 is addressed to the Canadian and Japanese markets.
The campaign target groups are: distributors, importers, wholesalers and retailers and representatives of trade networks.



As a part of the campaign, the following activities on both markets have been planned:

Year Activities in Japan Activities in Canada
2016 Japan Meat industry Fair, Tokyo Toronto Food + Drink Market, Toronto
2017 Foodex Japan, Chiba
Trade mission and B2B meetings
SIAL Canada, Toronto
Trade mission and B2B meetings
2018 Foodex Japan, Tokio SIAL Canada, Montreal

For trade visitors, promotional materials are prepared in English and Japanese.


arr “Polish Meat” Union has been in existence for over 20 years, it associates nearly 60 large and medium meat plants and companies operating for the benefit of meat industry. It is the only institution in Poland belonging to a European branch organization – UECBV (European Livestock And Meat Trades Union). The Association has the mission to create legal, organizational and economic conditions for the consolidation and overall development of meat industry in Poland. It also operates effectively in the area of professional promotion of Polish products on the European market and also on other world markets.

arrKOWR was created in 1990 as Agricultural Market Agency. Since 1st May 2004 it has been a paying agency and operated in conformity with the EU legislation. It deals with administration and implementation in Poland of selected tasks of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union, among others, subsidies for agricultural producers, processors and exporters, monitoring of agricultural production and of the situation of basic agricultural markets, information policy related with the agricultural activity in the European Union, and administrative and control activities of the agricultural market entities.


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