Success of the “Enjoy it is from Europe” stand at FOODEX JAPAN 2017

/ Tuesday, 14 March 2017 / News

The Polish Meat Association successfully promoted European pork in scope of the EU-co-funded “Enjoy it is from Europe” campaign at the FOODEX JAPAN 2017 international food fair, which ended on 10 March 2017.

The “Let’s Meat” stand is a tool of the informational and promotional campaign, which aims to present the attributes of European port to the Japanese public but also to convince Japanese importers, distributors, and retailers to the quality of the pork manufactured in Europe, which is made in accordance with top standards.

The campaign at the fair included the live cooking performance of the well-known promoter of Japanese cuisine in Poland, Mr Kohei Yagi. His menu prepared especially for this occasion was obviously dominated by European pork in various versions. The point of reference of the menu and formulas was the idea to combine the cultures and culinary traditions of Europe and Japan, thus the menu included e.g. a traditional Japanese salad with pork – rei-buta shabu (shabu pork served cold) – with Polish grilled pork sausages served with typical Japanese spices.
Judging by the number of people willing to try it – 2000 servings were handed out – the interest in dishes prepared by Kohei Yagi among the guests flocking to the “Let’s Meat” stand was tremendous. People praised the amazing taste of European pork in the food. The Polish pork sausages were a big hit not just because of their unique flavour, but also due to their size – the Japanese consumer is used to much smaller ones.




According to the statistics released by the organisers of FOODEX JAPAN 2017, the stands of over 3 thousand exhibitors from all around the world had over 82 thousand guests over the four days of the fair.
The next international food fair attended by the “Enjoy it is from Europe” campaign is SIAL Canada,, which will take place on 2-4 May 2017 in Toronto.