March fairs – promotion of European pork in Japan

/ Friday, 17 February 2017 / News

n March, European pork will return to the Land of the Rising Sun. This time, it will be presented at the Foodex JapanFair, which will be held in Tokyo/Chiba from 7 to 10March 2017. Foodex Japan is the biggest food processing industry fairin Asia. Duringthese four days, more than 75000 of the Japanese and worldwide food industry representatives are expected toshow up. They will have the opportunity to see the offers from over 3000 exhibitors.

Similarly as last year during the “Enjoy it is from Europe” campaign, there will be a fair stand of EU meat producers and processors. The event will feature cooking presentations and tasting in the spirit the Japanese and European Cuisine Culturemeeting, with particular focus on the nutritional and flavour attributes of pork.

The menu, which was prepared espaciallyfor this occasion, will include dishes prepared according to the original recipes of KoheiYagi – geneticist, food consultant, chef, and most of all,the tireless promoter of the Japanese cuisine in Poland, who will also host the presentations. According to him, the undisputable champion of the menu will be the European pork, the unique taste of which will be used to enrich dishes both well-known in Japan and culinary innovations such as the Japanese and European fusion.

The Foodex Japan 2017 fair will serve as a unique opportunity to learn about the Japanese food marketfirsthand. It will most likely provide a chance to establish interesting business contacts.