Let’s Meat! Taste European Pork in Toronto!

/ Tuesday, 05 April 2016 / News

Already this week there is going to be an opportunity to taste and find out more about pork from the European Union.

There is going to be a stand at the Toronto Food & Drink Market, which is taking place from the 8th till the 10th of April, 2016 at the Enercare Centre, jointly put up by EU pork producers and processors, where both business talks and cookery shows are going to take place, the latter rounded off with tastings of the prepared dishes. In addition to that, on the first day of the fair, a seminar is being organised at the Polish Consulate in Toronto to inaugurate the event, together with B2B talks, titled “On Polish-Canadian Co-operation. Is Polish Meat Going to Conquer Canadian Dinner Tables?” with the participation of Polish meat companies and their Canadian partners.

The events are being organised as part of the information cum promotion campaign “Enjoy it’s from Europe”, commissioned by the “Polish Meat” Union grouping almost 70 Polish producers operating in the meat branch. Witold Choiński, the President of the Union explains that:

The „Enjoy it’s from Europe” campaign is going to berun in the years 2015 – 2018 in Canada and  Japan. It is addressed to business recipients. The planned activities include, among others, a presentation of the offer at the greatest food fairs in both countries and the organisation of business missions. A campaign website has also been made available: www.letsmeat.eu. We are just about to fly to Toronto this week, together with representatives of the Polish meat companies, where the first campaign fair stand has been put up and an inauguration seminar is going to take place at the Polish Consulate. We are already noting a substantial interest in our visit on the part of our Canadian partners.

The campaign motto and slogan is „Let’s Meat!”, encouraging consumers and business people to get to know more about European pork. Hence , cookery shows coupled with tastings are being offered on the stands and their theme is to be a meeting of the European and Canadian cuisines. The scenario of the cookery shows and the menu are based on that theme. Marcin Budynek, the chef responsible for the organisation of the shows in Toronto, says:

Canada is a culinary melting pot of different tastes, customs and traditions. The menu is going to combine traditional elements of the Canadian cuisine with new trends from Europe. The main ingredient of the dishes is naturally going to be pork, yet different sorts of additional ingredients are going to play an important role in implementing the idea of a culinary encounter. There will be no lack of characteristic Canadian fruits of the forest: mushrooms and cranberries. What also goes ideally with meat dishes is maple syrup, the flagship of Canadian cooking, characterised by a pleasant taste and aroma. There will also be no lack of Canada’s unique culinary special, i.e. fern leaves. We are also going to try out additives from Europe, such as the Polish sheepmilk cheese called oscypek. The menu will include, among others, minced pork shoulder cutlets in mushroom sauce, served with mashed potatoes with a smattering of Polish oscypek as well as pork roasted in French pastry served with cranberry sauce and fried fern leaves.

The aim of the shows and the tastings is to present to potential consumers ways in which European pork can be put to a novel and unconventional use when preparing dishes that are well-known to Canadians from their everyday life, leading to surprising taste experiences. The shows are going to constitute singular inspirations to embark on new culinary encounters and experiments. They will also encourage the participants to purchase European pork.

Both the Canadian and the Japanese market are very interesting from the perspective of European pork producers. The Polish Meat Union – the organiser of the „Taste it’s from Europe” campaign – is thus counting on practical effects in the form of rising pork exports to both countries.



A representative of the campaign organisers:

Katarzyna Oponowicz, the Polish Meat Union
Telephone: +48 22 830 26 56
E-mail: info@polskie-mieso.pl


A representative of the campaign implementation team:

Roland Sprung, SPC House of Media
Telephone: +48 22 439 06 00, kom. +48 602 791 940
E-mail: info@leatsmeat.eu




Information on the campaign

The international promotion and information campaign titled „Taste it’s from Europe” propagates European pork on the Japanese and Canadian markets.

The campaign is going to be run in the years 2015 – 2018. It is targeted at business recipients – the planned activities include, among others, a presentation of the offer at the most important food fairs in Canada and Japan and the organisation of business missions. In 2016, stands promoting European pork are going to appear at the Toronto Food + Drink Market (8th-10th April) and at the Japan Meat Industry Fair (13th-15th April).

The campaign has been commissioned by the „Polish Meat” Union, grouping around 70 Polish producers in the meat branch. The campaign is being supervised by the Agricultural Market Agency.

The project is being implemented by : SPC House of Media and the Legend Group advertising agency. SPC House of Media as the leader of the consortium deals with the campaign implementation, the organisation of the participation in the fairs and trade missions, while Legend Group as the consortium member is responsible for the communication strategy, the creation and production of the promotion materials.

The campaign is co-financed with EU funding, the Pork Promotion Fund and by the Republic of Poland.

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