A European-Canadian encounter at the table

/ Tuesday, 29 March 2016 / News

Coming soon! European pork is going to be presented in Canada at the Toronto Food & Drink Market taking place from the 8th till the 10th of April, 2016. As part of the „Enjoy it’s from Europe” campaign run by the Polish Meat Union at the fair, a stand is going to be jointly put up by EU pork producers and processors, where both business talks and cookery shows are going to take place, the latter rounded off with tastings of the prepared dishes.

The aim of the shows and the tastings is to present to potential consumers ways in which European pork can be put to a novel and unconventional use when preparing dishes that are well-known to Canadians from their everyday life, leading to surprising taste experiences. The shows are going to constitute singular inspirations to embark on new culinary encounters and experiments. They will also encourage the participants to purchase European pork.

The Canadian cuisine is not uniform, as it comprises a blend of different tastes from many different parts of the world. Hence, Canada isa culinary melting pot of different tastes, customs and traditions, the foremost being those from Europe. Therefore, Canada is the perfect place to present cookery shows and tastings revolving round the leading motto of the campaign: „Let’s Meat”. The latter motif of a meeting of the Canadian and European cuisines lies at the root of the concept of the cookery shows and their menu.

The menu is going to combine traditional elements of the Canadian cuisine with new trends from Europe. The main ingredient of the dishes is naturally going to be pork, yet different sorts of additional ingredients are going to play an important role in implementing the idea of a culinary encounter. There will be no lack of characteristic Canadian fruits of the forest: mushrooms and cranberries. What also goes ideally with meat dishes is maple syrup, the flagship of Canadian cooking, characterised by a pleasant taste and aroma. There will also be no lack of Canada’s unique culinary special, mainly fern leaves.

Every fair day, typical Canadian dishes are going to be presented in a novel, surprising guise, making use of high quality pork. The menu is going to comprise, among others, minced pork shoulder cutlets in mushroom sauce, served with mashed potatoes with a smattering of oscypek, a traditional Polish sheepmilk cheese, or pork roasted in French pastry served with cranberry sauce and fried fern leaves.

We cordially invite you to come!